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VoIP at Home

If you use the phone a lot, especially to make international calls or calls during peak hours then you could save a lot of money by using VoIP. It can even be cost effective to install broadband with its monthly flat rate just to get VoIP. The telephone companies are continually reducing the cost of phone calls and providing special deals (fighting the inevitable conversion to VoIP) – sometimes these can provide a cheaper alternative to VoIP and are usually easier to get going but it depends upon your circumstances.

If you make long telephone calls nationally or internationally, it is usually cheaper using VoIP. In some cases, particularly if you are calling friends or family internationally you can call for free.

It can seem quite confusing since there are a lot of acronyms, numbers, names, passwords and different bits of equipment to deal with, but once it is all set-up it is as easy as using the telephone!

Just follow these simple steps-

1. Get Broadband (with a router)
2. Decide on your equipment (telephone or headset)
3. Find a VoIP Service Provider such as Skype
4. Plug in and go!

VoIP for SME business

Most UK SME’s do not realise the benefits of switching to Voice over IP (VoIP) communications. Despite the impressive features and savings to be made, internet telephony has been tarnished with a reputation for poor call quality and unreliability.

However, now that advancements in technology have ironed out these problems, it is time for the business world to wise up and take advantage of the possibilities.

VoIP telephony uses the internet to make and receive phone calls using a broadband connection instead of standard phone lines. As broadband bandwidth increases, call quality and reliability has also greatly improved, VoIP a realistic option for every business.

However, as with all technologies, the options and choices can be just as confusing as the technology itself. There are four primary types of internet telephone system:

1. Free IP-PBX: Download free software and setup your own VoIP IP-PBX server
2. Managed IP-PBX: A vendor will install and manage an IP-PBX server on your premises
3. Hosted IP-PBX: A supplier delivers a VoIP service without a server on your premises
4. Add a VoIP Gateway or Card to your existing, traditional PBX.

By far, the simplest, and most flexible options is the Hosted IP-PBX service which is centrally monitored, updated and managed. This means that the customer pays a monthly bill and the day to day management of the service is taken care of by the service provider. A hosted service provides all the benefits that might be expected in a VoIP solution but takes away the stress and confusion.

VoIP for Corporates

Understanding Corporate VoIP Service and Solutions
By Kristen Kiya Platinum Quality Author

Today, VoIP services are becoming more popular among corporate establishments, business houses, and contact centers, as it enables them to have access to the next generation telephony without any hassle. The fact that these services reduce communication costs and increases productivity is well documented. In addition to these inherent benefits, the corporate houses can also enjoy flexibility and scalability accompanied with data security. Moreover, the Internet based telephony services and solutions guarantee excellent call quality even in hybrid network environments.

Unlike PSTN services, VoIP supports services across multiple sites, as these services are backed with the customer unique numbers and area codes of the customer’s choice. This capability can be used for forwarding of voice mails or transfer of the calls to almost anywhere using private dial plans. Organisations having branches in different locations can make the most of this feature. The IP technology would create the connecting links to their branch offices located across the globe and that too at the significantly low costs.

The users do not require to install, invest or maintain the IP infrastructure of their own. All that they would need is a broadband speed Internet connection and they are done. With a VoIP business service in place, the corporate clients can concentrate on more important business matters including generating and expanding of their activities. Therefore, it can be said that the VoIP has change the face of the corporate communication worldwide.

The contact centers can also benefit from the inherent benefits of these services. The contact center VoIP solutions provide cost efficiency, as long distance or ISD calls are made at significantly lower rates. Moreover, these services in the call center deliver seamless connectivity, globally. Some common benefits that corporate establishments, business houses as well as contact centers can enjoy are:

1.The IP solutions and services are backed with the real time monitoring of calls. Therefore the users can enjoy the parameter of efficiency in implementation of their services without any latency.

2.The Internet telephony services & VoIP solutions help the users to expand their employees’ shift according to their needs. Therefore, depending upon the time preferences, the employees can opt for their desired shift without any problem.

3.The best part of the voice over IP services is that these require less capital investment on infrastructure compared to PSTN solutions. The corporate clients would require specialized products and services that are available at minimal rates.

To conclude, it can be said that corporate VoIP solutions and services are considered as perfect applications for lowering down the communication costs. Moreover, the business users feel an essence of ease and comfort while using such solutions or services.

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